Monday, July 4, 2016

England 2016

A quick trip for work to England. Spent the first day traveling to Henley on the Thames to visit with friends Sinead and Simon Archer and Sinead's parents. With my co-workers, Denton and Ed, we ate lunch at The Catherine Wheel where I had a Strongbow hard cider and a "Mexican" burger. Also met Sinead and Simon's daughter Rosaline for the first time.

 We then headed off for a walk in Oxford in the light rain...

Stayed at the Crown Plaza in Marlow, a nice full English breakfast every morning. On Monday night, I went to The Bootlegger Pub in High Wycombe with Claudio from the UK office to watch the football match between England and Slovakia in the Euros 2016.

The rest of the week was work followed by dinner in various places in Marlow. Tuesday after work, dinner was at The Royal Oak; a local fish, palenta, and sticky toffee cake/pudding for dessert. On Wednesday, spent the evening first at the 'The Ship' pub, then dinner at 'The Coach', and followed by another pub stop at 'The George and Dragon'. We walked around Marlow a bit after dinner. The statue is of a famous Olympic legend Steve Redgrave who is from Marlow and won 5 consecutive Gold Medals for rowing (1984 - 2000).

Thursday night, Simon picked me up from the office in High Wycombe and we went to the Archer house in the village of Woodcote. Got to know Rosaline a bit more, had some pizza, and watched the episode of Game of Thrones that I had missed. The haul of candy and tea as well for the week...

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