Monday, October 13, 2014

Germany - Day 2

Not too much to share today as I spent most of it in the hotel room working. I slept in until about 10 am, did some work until about 1 pm when I met another co-worker who had just arrived. We met in the lobby and walked into town, stopping at a Hard Rock Cafe to get lunch. I had the Mac and Cheese.

He was tired from his trip, so we headed back to the hotel. I wanted to get some tea, so I stopped at a market across the street from the hotel. Everything is obviously in German, so figured out which tea was more than likely just regular old tea (klassik schwarzer tea), then hunted down some sugar cubes and some biscuits/cookies - all for less than 4 Euro; not too bad. I used the self-checkout lane that no one was using - Stephen said those are new here in Germany and most people refuse to use them. I got a five Euro bill for change, so now I have 3 different fivers in my wallet, cool eh?

Back to the room, went back to work. Scared the cleaning lady - she knocked, but was opening the door before I could get there...she cleaned the room while I worked at my desk...I think she was Polish.

Took another picture of my view from the room - this one is a bit better I think...the Dom is the towering structure on the left, and you can see at least one more church on the right. There are alot of them. The arch in the middle (looks like two towers since the trees are covering the arch) must be a remnant of an older long-gone building. Cologne was heavily bombed by the allies in WWII; I will try to find out what that was.

And here is a picture of the forbidden fridge...I dare not open it or I will be charged some crazy fee...

Went down to the lobby around 730 to meet again with Stephen, Denton, and now Suzanna who just got in from England. We went to a French restaurant where we all elected for the mystery meal...we told the waiter what we each did not like and they would bring us a multiple course dinner (5 courses is what it ended up. I asked for no veal and no mushrooms. The first course was a thin crust pizza that was good.

The second course - a salad with veal and mushrooms...obviously he heard me wrong. He mixed up and thought that is what I wanted. I ended up with a pumpkin soup instead which was quite good. Then we had a fish course; a white fish over some form of sauerkraut puree and the the 4th course was chicken breast over a pea puree. The dessert was creme brulee with an apple sorbet. 

The biggest mystery was the bill, which was a doozy...glad I was not paying.

Off to the client's HQ tomorrow morning for the first day of meetings.

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