Thursday, October 9, 2014

England - Day 5.1

Nottingham Forest game was wonderful - high scoring (5-3 victory over Fulham), the crowd was in full voice most of the game (there was lull when they had allowed 3 straight goals to fall behind 3-2) and the noise level on goals was quite amazing. Compared to the Spurs game we attended on Sunday, the Forest game was so much more fun - better crowd experience, but winning 5-3 will always have an affect compared to losing 1-0.

Before the game, after we found our seats, we talked to a very nice guy who had been watching Cricket all day at the stadium next door and then popped in for the football match. He was a soldier in the British Army and I cannot remember his name, but he was kind enough to answer all our questions, give us some tips on traveling in London, and really made the night even better.

Here are some pics of how the stadium filled up and the amazing idea of actually staying in your seats and watching the match while the game was being played.

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