Saturday, October 18, 2014

A few more days in England

Before we left for the game, I took a picture of my new friend, one of the Archer cats.

Went to the Reading/Derby match with Simon on Saturday afternoon. His friends picked us up and drove the 20-30 minutes to Reading; a bit further west/away from London. The tickets were very nice, though I would much rather sit a bit higher in the stand on most occasions to better see the game. However, it was cool being that close. Reading did not play all that well and lost 0-3.

Got back and we walked to the Tesco (supermarket) to get some things...bought some more candy to bring back. Sinead picked us up and we then stopped back at the house before heading to the restaurant for dinner. We got an 'Americano' pizza for an appetizer. I got the Gnocchi for my entree.

Flying back in the morning...should be back to the house by 6 or 7pm. GO BROWNS!!!

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