Sunday, September 21, 2014

England - Day 8 - 9

Tracey is in heaven - watching the first episode of the new Downton Abbey season on this night of Day 9. We left Canterbury early yesterday and drove to the airport to drop the car off; about an hour backed up in traffic on the M25; but otherwise pretty much uneventful. Goodbye to the BMW - I will probably never drive one again. It was fun on the motorways...but the narrow side and town roads of Britain are not going to bring fond memories. The GPS navigator we called  'Elizabeth' rarely let us down...except in cities where there were areas of "limited access".

One of Simon's relatives works for the Heathrow Express, so we had pre-arranged tickets from the airport to Paddington Station on the fast train. The person we were supposed to contact did not seem to be available, but the friendly attendant knew who he was and got us first class tickets on the train - thanks Simon!!!

We arrived and Paddington and followed Sinead's advice - getting on the Circle Line 3 exits east to High Street Kensington. We asked for directions; our hotel was around the block.

The lobby was packed with people, mostly non-English speaking tourists, checking in. Our room was not yet available, so we were given 3 days worth of internet vouchers (woot!) and we left our bags with the hotel in order to get some eats on High Street. We ended up at a place we almost ate at in Canterbury. Simon told us today he thinks 'Nandoes' is just a more expensive version of KFC...but they are one of the few places that offers bottomless pops and the food was a bit better than KFC by my estimation. Everything is expensive in England!

Back to the hotel - got in our room - a bit smaller than the one in Canterbury, but it has a refrigerator - that is a first. We walked back to High Street to the Tesco to get some pop, cookies (biscuits), sammiches, and chips (crisps) to bring back to the room. Our plan was to relax because we were both a bit tired and had a long day today.

Another nice breakfast and we were off to meet Sinead and Simon at Paddington. Simon and I then headed off to White Hart Lane in the North of London to see the Spurs play miserably against West Brom. It took about 30 minutes and 2 or 3 train changes to get there. We had a burger and fries (chips) before the game.

While Tracey was with Sinead, they went into the city and visited various places including St.Paul's Cathedral and Harrods.

We met back up at Piccadilly Circus and ate at TGI Fridays. We then traveled to Westminster to see Big Ben, Parliament, and maybe ride on the London Eye. It was a very cloudy night, so we decided against it - maybe tomorrow.

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