Wednesday, September 17, 2014

England - Day 4 - 5

A travel day today - driving from Bath to Nottingham. Bath was a bit of a challenge when we arrived since they are having a weeklong Jane Austen festival in the city - traffic was backed up trying to get out of the city. Leaving this morning we had no such problems. We found the M4 with little difficulty and made our way back East and then followed the satellite navigation with very few issues all the way to Nottingham.

Nottingham was a bit confusing, but had more stop lights than the other cities, so that was nice. We got a bite to eat at a pub/bar called 'Revolution' - I believe another chain type of place. We also talked to the Concierges at the hotel to plan our day today. This hotel brings new meaning to 'Compact' room, but at least we have air conditioning (a fan and the windows open!!).

We ventured out with the buses to get to the Nottingham Forest FC stadium (City Park)...we ended up at the Notts County FC stadium...but the former was just a short walk away over a bridge. We got our tickets and some t-shirts for the game, then took a bus back to the Castle District to visit Nottingham Castle.

We then walked back through town...stopped in a few shops and ate lunch at a TGI Fridays - ice and free refills - a rarity in Old Blighty.

The two concierges that we have been dealing with have been great - they agreed to pose for a picture with this crazy Yank. Off to the Nottingham Forest game tonight!

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