Monday, September 15, 2014

England - Day 3

A very welcome no drive day!

Got up by 9am to get down for the free breakfast offered by the hotel in Bath - much items from a traditional English (sausages, eggs, beans, bacon, toast) but also plenty of other cereals and such like a continental breakfast.

Walked into Bath right when the Roman Baths were opening up, so we did not need the queue very long (notice the use of British terminology!). Also, I find myself increasingly saying 'cheers' instead of thanks...although I tend to say both.

Learned a lot about the Roman baths - very cool how much has been uncovered and how much they think is still yet to be found as they keep on excavating and finding more rooms and artifacts.

As Tracey's slave, I took the picture with her Roman Centurian.

We walked around the city for a few hours looking at all the shops and such. We stopped at a Gourmet Burger place for lunch, and then headed back to the hotel for a rest and nap - we are still not quite acclimated to the time here.

Got refreshed and found a restaurant called Jimmy's World Grill and Bar that was recommended by our hotel clerk. It was nice to sample a bit of many types of food - I tried a bit of Indian among other things. Had a freshly made piece of naan. Looks like it is a type of chain in the UK like Golden Corral.

We then took another walk about before heading back to the hotel. This is a closer shot of the Bath Abbey that you can see in the background in the earlier pics. 

Now in the morning - the drive to Nottingham!

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