Sunday, September 14, 2014

England - Day 2

After a well and proper rest, we took off in the morning after a bacon sammich breakfast (thanks Simon) to Windsor to visit the Castle.

We got a guided tour for about an hour explaining much of the history of the castle. The Union Jack flies on the tower when the queen is not in residence.

The different guards all over the castle are routinely changed. We saw the small group charge around more than a few times.

We conquered the tower and its 200 steps...Sinead and Simon got some picture I will share soon. We then toured the state rooms which you could not take pictures in. We saw lots of very expensive artwork, weapons, china....very cool stuff including the king and queen's state rooms and bedrooms, dining halls, and the Waterloo chamber that was built specifically for the celebration of Napolean's defeat at Waterloo. We also saw all the rooms that were damaged and repaired after the fire in 1992.

After the castle, we did some shopping in Windsor and stopped at the Duchess of Cambridge pub for a traditional Sunday Roast. Sinead and I got the beef, Simon the lamb, and Tracey got the chicken - all with yorkshire pudding, creamy cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, stuffing and gravy. I could not quite finish, but Simon and Sinead had no issues.

We then headed back to the Archers to pack up and get ready for the drive to Bath after stopping at a Tesco to get some fizzy drink (pop), crisps (although kettle chips are still chips for some reason) and some water - water at least is still water.

Since it was mostly motorway (highway) on the M4, we had very few cringe worthy experiences driving. Once again - close proximity driving on narrow streets lined with parked cars was the challenge. The car was wedged into the parking spot...some arse with a trailer took up 3 spaces. The hotel is a simple one with no air conditioning and a window that barely opens as the only cool air supply. No ice, but Tracey did go down to the bar to get a glass of it for our diet coke. The staff were very friendly checking us in and giving us the rundown of how to get to the town which will be a short walk from the hotel. We walked down the road to order some pizza to bring back to the room since most pubs stop serving food early on Sundays.

Thanks again to Simon and Sinead for giving us the crash course on the crazy driving rules with signs that make little sense and for taking such good care of us on our first few days in England.

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