Saturday, September 27, 2014

England - Day 11-12

And just like that, we are done and back in the good old USA.

On Tuesday, we got up and decided against the hotel breakfast, instead stopping at a local coffee house to get some danishes and some coffee. We then headed to Kensington Palace around the corner from our hotel. The street leading to the palace was lined with embassy houses - so the security in this part of town was high - police walking with semi-automatic weapons like at Paddington.

We did not have time to go into Kensington, so we just walked around the grounds a bit. This is where Princess Diana had lived.

We then headed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage and headed to the Paddington Station via the tube one last time. Bought our tickets for the train to Maidenhead...there was an unfortunate incident in Slough where someone had jumped in front of train - as far as we know, a murder suicide (a 48 year old woman who dragged her 10 year old son with her). We did go through the Slough station which had been closed while the investigation took place. Simon and Sinead picked us up at the Maidenhead station. We went to lunch at a pub, then stopped at a grocery store and a pound store to get a few more things for gifts. That night, we once again met up with Sinead's parents for our last British meal.

The following morning, Sinead and Simon took us to Heathrow where we had some time to do some more last minute shopping in the duty free stores before heading back to Detroit.

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