Tuesday, September 23, 2014

England - Day 10

Good day and welcome to Day 10.

Tracey 'wanting' to get up early and her actually 'getting' up early are two totally separate things. We did manage to get out early and head to Buckingham Palace. Tracey said this was the highlight of the trip for her; it was nice, but I still preferred Windsor Castle. No pics inside the Palace State Rooms, so only a few exterior shots. After our tour, the changing of the guard was taking place in the front, thus the huge crowds.

We then spent some time getting more acquainted with the London Underground system...traveling to Piccadilly to walk around visiting the M&M Store, a souvenir shop, and then get some lunch at an Italian place,

Next, we headed up the Bakerloo line to visit Baker Street where there was the Sherlock Holmes Museum and shop (just looked around) and a Beatles shop (bought some things for a few lucky Beatles fans).

We then trudged it back east to get to London Tower and the Tower Bridge. Across the street from the tower is a WWI memorial. In remembrance of 100 years since WWI, they are putting out porcelain carnations around the Tower for each soldier that was killed in the war. Traitor's Gate is where Thomas More and Anne Boleyn were brought into the tower before their executions. We also walked across the bridge, took some pics, then headed back to Victoria station to find where our coach tour will be departing from tonight - my Jack the Ripper/Haunted London/Sherlock Holmes Tour I booked for the evening. We eventually found the location a few blocks away and headed back to the room to refresh a bit before having to head out again.

The tour was quite  nice...while focusing on the Ripper/Whitechapel events, we did get a good tour of the city with plenty of good views and stories about the different buildings  and neighborhoods. We first stopped at the location where William Wallace (Braveheart) was executed, then went through the neighborhoods on foot in Whitechapel, seeing some of the buildings that are still around like the tenement houses that are now upscale apartments.

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