Sunday, September 14, 2014

England - Day 1

To be clear, my biggest fear for this trip was driving in England. I was worried about driving standard transmission, on the other side of the car, and on the other side of the road. All my fears were confirmed as driving in the UK sucks! Roundabouts are everywhere...they are very confusing for us stateside yahoos that think that stop lights are perfectly fine. I keep telling myself stay to the left and on the middle line to my right since it is hard to judge the clearance of the left side of the vehicle - avoiding hitting curbs and other cars.

Also - they do not have yellow lines in their roads - everything is white - double yellow is only on the sides of roads where it means you cannot park on that section of road....but you can park pretty much anywhere else - either direction on a street, and on the freaking sidewalks. So you may venture onto a one way street and you may not even know.

We decided to upgrade to an automatic transmission with satellite navigation...the only thing that saved us on our trip from Heathrow to Maidenhead. We ended up only a block from our friend's house when we asked a woman with a pram where the street was...thankfully...we had dragged our tired arses to correct general area - postal codes in the strange land are actually unique and identify the address precisely - did not know that. Why not put that damn thing at the start of the address then?

The car is a very large BMW - awesome to drive - but not on these godforsaken narrow roads with parking in all directions and on both sides of the roads.

Enough of all that...we took a nap for about an hour since we had gotten very little rest of the plane. The plane ride was nice - Delta has private movie and tv screens on all the seats with a huge selection - I watched an episode of the Goldbergs, the newest x-men movie, and almost finished the movie Fred with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. After a short nap, we had a lovely lunch with some sammiches and other goodies at Chez Archer.

We then jumped in the car after some showers and went about town to try to stay awake as long as possible. We went to brewery, a city/village fair, brought Sinead's horses in from the field, and then met Sinead's parents for drinks at their apartment and then a pub down the lane called Boulters. Thankfully, Sinead and Simon gleefully drove the BMW with gusto.

He jokingly slid into our picture - we kept him from jumping out...

2 free pints for all visitors!

I brought in the trouble maker horse...I was told this after.

Went back to the Archers - Simon made some delicious chile and I was nodding off before too long - in bed by 9pm English time...we slept until almost 9am. A very long long day.


  1. Okay. Why a standard? And you could've gotten a continental (American-style) stick shift as well.

  2. Stick would have made a bad situation much worse