Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crew Win against Sounders 2-1

3 Wins and 9 Points in 3 games - the best ever start for the Crew.

But, the game was not at all in their control. Once again, the defense trying to play out of the back resulted in numerous mistakes and opportunities that Seattle did not take full advantage of. Tchani and Trapp both also looked intimidated and flustered in the midfield, turning the ball over numerous times in the first half.

Seattle scored off of a 2 on 1 break after another midfield giveaway and the CB Gonzalez pressing up to try to play the ball back up. Another similar break also developed a bit later, but another of many saves by Clark in goal. Columbus had one good opportunity in the first half with a Higuain shot off the bar and Anor missed an empty net with the rebound header.

The game continued in the 2nd half with full attacks by both sides. Oduro drew a justified penalty in the box that resulted in a red card (don't think it should have been red) and Higuain converted the penalty. Some Seattle fans were complaining on boards that it should not have been a penalty since Oduro got the shot off. This frustrates me because people complain about diving and this was actually one of the few cases where Oduro who is known for diving did not and still fought through the penalty and put the shot off the goalie's face. He does seem to jump in front of the Seattle defender so the bump could have gone either way.

Seattle played the rest of the game a man down, but you really could not tell - both sides continued to get plenty of opportunities which showed Seattle's talent over that of the Crew on the day. In extra time, a quick restart off a corner after Anor's almost goal put the ball on just subbed in Meram's foot to curl in over the Seattle defense that seemed to be distracted - potentially trying to argue for a hand ball.

Last year at home, Seattle played with 10 men for almost 80 minutes and won the game 1 - 0. This time around, they do manage to get the winning goal in about 30 minutes with the man advantage.


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