Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crew Win against Sounders 2-1

3 Wins and 9 Points in 3 games - the best ever start for the Crew.

But, the game was not at all in their control. Once again, the defense trying to play out of the back resulted in numerous mistakes and opportunities that Seattle did not take full advantage of. Tchani and Trapp both also looked intimidated and flustered in the midfield, turning the ball over numerous times in the first half.

Seattle scored off of a 2 on 1 break after another midfield giveaway and the CB Gonzalez pressing up to try to play the ball back up. Another similar break also developed a bit later, but another of many saves by Clark in goal. Columbus had one good opportunity in the first half with a Higuain shot off the bar and Anor missed an empty net with the rebound header.

The game continued in the 2nd half with full attacks by both sides. Oduro drew a justified penalty in the box that resulted in a red card (don't think it should have been red) and Higuain converted the penalty. Some Seattle fans were complaining on boards that it should not have been a penalty since Oduro got the shot off. This frustrates me because people complain about diving and this was actually one of the few cases where Oduro who is known for diving did not and still fought through the penalty and put the shot off the goalie's face. He does seem to jump in front of the Seattle defender so the bump could have gone either way.

Seattle played the rest of the game a man down, but you really could not tell - both sides continued to get plenty of opportunities which showed Seattle's talent over that of the Crew on the day. In extra time, a quick restart off a corner after Anor's almost goal put the ball on just subbed in Meram's foot to curl in over the Seattle defense that seemed to be distracted - potentially trying to argue for a hand ball.

Last year at home, Seattle played with 10 men for almost 80 minutes and won the game 1 - 0. This time around, they do manage to get the winning goal in about 30 minutes with the man advantage.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crew Daze - Home Game #1 (2-1 Win vs Philadelphia Union)

Driving down to Columbus on Saturday morning, I was quite giddy to finally be heading to the first home game of the season. Tom was my season ticket partner for the day and he convinced Robin (don't think she need much convincing) to go down with him from Cleveland where we could play some games (Tom's WOBBLE game this time around) before and after the game.

More on that part of the night on my gaming blog (eventually).

About 5:15 Tom and I started our 10 minute walk from 17th Street to the Crew Stadium. Being a season ticket holder this year, we collected the season ticket gifts (Crew Blanket) and proceeded to the gate to find our seats. There was also a Schedule magnet giveaway for the match and Tom bought me a beer, so I have my Higuain cup as well. After the match, I purchased my Crew scarf, rounding out my haul for the night. And now I know that the blanket looks just as good backwards as forwards.

The Game: Overall, the Crew looked better than the Union and did deserve the win. The Union seemed to have a few more chances than the Crew to score, but were unable to take advantage. I counted 4 chances in the first have that the Union squandered - I think they were all off target. 

The Defense: Two weeks ago, I could not tell if Columbus's back line were all that good, or if DC United was just not that good. This week, those reservations were confirmed. Williams (RB) continued to look good and most of the attacks once again seemed to come up the right side again. Parkhurst and Gonzalez looked shaky and less confident while Francis (LB) had some trouble containing the runs on the Union right side. The Union consistently got through and behind the Crew defense. They also consistently and frustratingly kept trying to carry the ball out of the zone and gave the ball away too many times, provoking more attacks by the Union.

One other note: Higuain and Tchani were both very poor, giving the ball away constantly. The cold more than anything more than likely kept the Union from taking advantage.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer of Fun - Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band

My summer is shaping up to the busiest ever.

Season Tickets - Columbus Crew
A few trips to Cleveland to support the AFC Cleveland
A trip to Punderson State Park to spend a few days with family in a Hillside Cabin
Gen Con 2014 in Indianapolis
The trip to Jolly Old England

And new to the list...

Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre for the Boy's birthday...

Not too bad seats for not being a part of the initial pre-sale...

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Crew!

While Tottenham continues to unimpress, the Columbus Crew has a very nice season opener against DC United, winning 3 - 0. I purchased MLS Live to have the ability to see all the MLS games that  I desire, which is great for the Crew road games since I do not have Time Warner (who the Crew idiotically signed their new TV deal with).

Arrieta was offsides though on the first goal....

Parkhurst and Francis looked great on the back line. Higuan was dominating at times and once Oduro comes back from suspension, it should be an interesting team to watch.

My season tickets are in hand and I am eager to get out to Crew Stadium on March 22.