Friday, August 23, 2013

Gen Con 2013: Wednesday

For the dealers and other non-Gen Con staff, Wednesday is the day for setting up and otherwise getting ready for Thursday. I left Toledo at about 7:30 am and after stopping for lunch at Panera, got to Indy just past Noon.

I checked in to my room where my auction roommates had already arrived the night before and then grabbed my box of games to sell and tried to find the walkway to the convention center. It has been a few years since last I stayed at the Crowne Plaza, and that was before the new section of the convention center opened with a walkway to the Crowne. I had asked the bellhop what floor it was on (the 2nd) but took a wrong turn. I asked two maids who did not speak English, and eventually figured it all out.

Arriving at the auction, everything was in full swing. I just joined in on the organized chaos. This year, we only allowed people who had already pre-registered their items online to get their items dropped off. After this first day, the tables were already overflowing with all manner of gaming goodness. We shut down around 6pm and wrapped up by 7pm.

Pictures of the warehouse and pit (before the storm coming on Thursday - Saturday). I set up the pit with the names of the people registered for us to hold their items each day as they are purchased.

The warehouse pictures below are only for the items we accepted on Wednesday.

The store items as well, just one day of accepting items.

Met Tom and Robin at Claddaugh after wondering around a bit. Ate some bangers and mash and washed it down with 3 glasses of Guinness. Sligo and his wife was there. I think Tom's friend Jordan was there as well, albeit very briefly - he was off to fight crime as Batman, or so Tom believes.

Met Eloy from Third Eye Games and a few of his friends (one an artist). Robin's brother and his wife also made an appearance. Things began to wrap up so with Tom, Caed, and Sligo, we traipsed to the Severin sports bar and had one more, this one a Guiness Black Lager.

Before I left for the night, I did get a picture of the first day of Cardhalla, the event where people build card houses and structures all weekend and then destroy it on Saturday night for Charity.

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