Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An article featuring someone who was upset with HBO

An article featuring a statement by someone who was upset that HBO showed the killing of a wolf and a pregnant woman in the most recent episode of AGOT...he said he was cancelling his subscription because of it.


Best quote from the comment thread:
Joe Concha is ok with paying to view  constant beheadings and cut throats, incest, prostitutes used for target practice, torture, slaughtered babies, beheaded horses, a guy who has sex with his daughters and gives his babies to creatures in the forest, rape, faces melted off by gold, little farm boys burned to death, a child thrown to his death from a tower, an old man kept in a crate by a eunuch, a 12 year old still nursing, and let's not forget pedophilia." 
But wants to cancel his HBO because a dog was killed behind closed doors and out of the viewer's sight.

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