Sunday, March 17, 2013

CSM Kickstarter Review Part 4 - The Rest

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have been periodically working on these, but I ran into some issues with a few during assembly. I will be getting a pinning kit to take care of the rest of the miniatures, but I wanted to show a group shot of the package I received. 

In the image below, only Geryon, Amon, and the Wolf are NOT apart of the base $75 pledge level. That alone shows you a large amount of miniatures for the price paid. 

The first post I made details the miniatures that were not included with what I initially received from Matt. In this shipment, I did not receive the arm for the sitting Barbed Devil. I would assume that this is a one off type of issue and hopefully CSM can send me that arm and double check the other bags that they are indeed present.

For the Glacier Devil, the base included was not large enough to fit the miniature without some trimming and alteration. I decided to mount it on a square base.

The Baphomet miniature is quite awesome and very easy to assemble. You can also see in the image below the two Bearded Devils in front of Geryon. Next to the them is the Erinyes which to me still seems a bit small, but compared to other miniatures will more than likely be fine.

The Glacier Devil is below. I trimmed off the bottom of the sprue and filed it down before attaching to a square base. The rest of the images below show the 5 miniatures that I am still in the process of assembling - Horned Devil, Asmodeus's daughter, Bone Devil, and the 2 Barbed Devils.

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