Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CSM Kickstarter Review Part 3 - Ground Troops

I wanted to take a break from the assembly of wings and such, so I took care of some of the miniatures that just needed to be attached to bases:
  • Manes
  • Lemures
  • Ruttering Kin
  • Hell Hounds
One thing I am seeing with the miniatures is that in some cases, the portion of the miniature that fits into the slotta base are too long for the bases provided. It is easy enough to trim off some of the bottom of the metal sprue/support or sand it down to fit properly.

I did have two of the D&D Miniature pre-painted equivalents for size comparisons...the Lemure and the the Hell Hound.

The Manes are meant to be little guys that are typically grabbed and devoured by more powerful demons. Based on the classic description (MM), they are only 3 feet tall. There are plenty of pictures of these about, so I just took some compare pictures so you can see the size differences.

The Lemures are typically described as being 5 feet tall with disfigured and molten flesh. Side by side with the Manes, I think they look good. I have personally really liked both of these designs since I first saw the pictures and the Lemures look even better in hand. Again, just an additional picture for size comparison.

Regarding the Ruttering Kin, I do not have an issue with the design and the look. I think they look like the creepy disfigured outcasts that they are supposed to be. My only criticism is that I think they are too small. They look more like 25mm than 28mm, and I would have liked to see the heads a little bit bigger.

The Hell Hounds also appear to be a bit on the small side. They did not come with plastic bases since they have a built in base on the cast. After reading the description of the Hell Hound again, it is described as a medium sized creature about 2-3 feet high at the shoulder. With that in mind, I think they do look to be about right scale wise. 

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