Saturday, February 23, 2013

CSM Kickstarter Review Part 2.5 - Geryon

While my camera is recharging, I was able to get a few snapshots of my in progress Geryon and Amon (which very nicely was only a single piece miniature).

The Geryon miniature comes with no base. I don't know if that is by design or if I just did not get one. I used a large base that I had on hand. The image below shows all the flashing/mold residue that will need to be removed from the miniature. The one to the furthest left I had already removed before I decided to take a picture.

Another thing to remember with resin is you want to wash it with some warm soapy water (I used Dawn) to get the chemicals removed from the casting process. This will make it a bit easier to assemble the various pieces and make a better bond with your adhesive.

For a miniature that is one of a 3 item set for only $20, this is quite an amazing value. Below is Geryon alongside the Amon miniature.

Amon is a large miniature...and Geryon towers over him. Below is Amon compared to the Type III demon.

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