Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Me, the Sky is Falling...

It is nice to see the David Letterman at least still has some professionalism and is not totally drinking the Kool Aid and ignoring facts.


As always, it goes both ways, but it is amazing how the current President is allowed to blatantly lie without any media follow-up and fact checking. I would not complain so much if it was not heaped on the contender by these same 'un-biased' media.

As always, it comes down to each person wading through the lies and mis-truths from both sides to make an informed decision. The problem is, the lies and mis-truths or more supported by 90% of the media outlets for one side over the other.

Mr Letterman at least has been smacked in the face with reality, and he is smart enough to realize it.

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