Saturday, September 8, 2012

Star Trek - 46th Anniversary

Google always has some very cool graphics celebrating various things like birthdays and anniversaries. During the Olympics, they had a run of fun little games that took up some time among myself and the co-workers.

While I do not consider myself an Uber Star Trek fan, or Trekkie (or is it Trekker?), I do consider myself a fan. Star Trek TNG and the classic Star Trek made up a ritual of television viewing during my second year in college when we did not have cable. I have fond memories of the Toledo channel 36 nightly line-up of TNG following by Classic Trek every weekday night from 10pm to 12am (or was it 11pm - 1am? - I never had 8am classes, so staying up late was rarely an issue).

Even one of my favorite British shows had a brilliant 'tribute' to the franchise...

Some would consider the new Star Trek movie a bit blasphemous since it pretty much resets the Trek universe, totally wiping away what has been done prior. I would disagree - like many Trek episodes on TNG and DS9, many time traveling and alternate universe type of storylines have been done before. I do not think the new stuff takes away anything from the originals - maybe that is why I am not a Trekkie?

I still remember the DS9 Tribbles episode that totally blew away the special effects budget for the entire season - which was why Odo 'lost' his ability to transform that season.

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