Thursday, August 23, 2012

That gaming convention in Indy, Part 1

What happened to Wedding Day Part 2? Bah, who knows? I may have forgotten all the details at this point. Will have to look at the pictures and piece that day back together.

But the summer or fun just keeps rolling with August and Gen Con in Indianapolis. I had planned on running 6 events for a total of 18 hours of GM time between T&T and AGOT. Normally, that would not sound like a lot over a 4 day period. For me however it was enough to push me clear into panic mode on Tuesday night since I still had miniatures I had wanted to finish and a few games I was hoping to get some more time into for preparation. 

Wednesday started early - I packed everything up for both my games and my clothes for the weekend. I also made copies of everything I needed - for once I did not forget something game related. I then spent a few hours working on my AGOT game - the second adventure was not where I wanted it to be, but I figured I could get by with what I had.

Russ showed up to Toledo about a half hour later than planned - I wanted to leave at 1pm, we finally got on the road around 2pm. He had a box of games for me that he scavenged from the Origins volunteer party so that was cool. We packed up and got on the road, headed to Indy via Fort Wayne and straight down. We stopped at a Wendy's at some point to get something to eat or Linner, or Lupper, or whatever it would be called...I guess just a late lunch.

...not my picture, grabbed this from the Marriott website

The new Marriott complex was easy enough to find and check-in was easy. It is nice when the valet guys just help you get your car unpacked and then let you go on your way. The Courtyard had just that - the guys were helpful, but not overbearing and earned a deserved tip from me. We parked the car ($23 a day) in the Courtyard garage, unpacked our things in the room, and headed to the convention center so Russ could get his badge. I had mine sent to me via Fed Ex after reading about the horror stories with Will Call from last year. Needless to say, there was a long line, but it seemed to be moving fast. It also was noted that Will Call was open 24 hours, which was a nice touch that will be well remembered for next year. We eventually got a copy of the on-site book (which was hard to find since no matter how quick the volunteers filled up the display cases, the things were disappearing into the greedy gamer hands waiting for them).

The walk from the Courtyard to the Convention Center was actually not too bad...
  1. Elevator from the Courtyard to the JW Marriott
  2. Take the walkway through the JW past the rooms that would end up being where I ran all my events (nice since it was only 5-10 minutes to get to my room and back).
  3. Follow the sky walks from the JW across and over to the Convention Center
Back to the room - I booted up the computer and was able to check a few things with the slow but complimentary web access. Watched some TV, obsessed over my lack of preparation, and actually went to sleep before midnight, I think...

...not my picture, grabbed this from the Marriott website

I did bring a camera with me, not that you will notice that...I finally took some pictures on Saturday - the day I actually made it to the Dealer Hall.

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