Sunday, August 26, 2012

That gaming con in Indy, Part 4 - Sunday Tired Sunday

The checkout at the Marriott was not until 12pm, but I wanted to get up early and get things situated and out to the car. Russ (who I don't think I had talked to since Friday) was already up and out of the room attending to his morning workout in the fitness center. I showered up, packed up, and got everything but my backpack to the car. We were ready to get Russ's stuff to the car and check out before 9AM. The Marriott said we had until about 4-5pm with our car in the garage without having to incur another day of parking fees. This was nice - so we parked there for 5 days and in total was only charged for 4 days...$92 I would have liked to spend on something else, but based on what I have heard regarding other parking lots, not as bad as it could have been.

I went across the street to the Hyatt Regency where I knew were some restaurants and got some breakfast there. With all the hamster tubes between the hotel and the convention center, that was only the third time I ventured outside for the entire weekend. I went upstairs to get a few pictures - the following one of the mass of people surging towards the entrance of the dealer hall at 10am when it opened. When I walked in a few minutes later, a woman was getting medical treatment from the paramedics...I wonder what she got trampled for? Hopefully Jackass #1 and Jerky #2 got that special edition limited print of something they had to push or accost another human being for.

I checked in one last time at the auction and picked up my volunteer shirt. Since I had plenty of hours in already, I did not stick around to deal with payouts and returning items to the sellers. I don't feel too bad because I am normally there all morning doing that stuff. I did not get my badge or a hotel room from the auction, so no worries.

I stopped in at the Peryton Booth where Robin still seemed to be recovering from a long a tiring weekend. I tried to give her some grief for missing her game, but as I mentioned before, she pulled out her Jedi mind trick and I quickly lost interest in that game. She talked to some dude who showed some interest in her Qalidar book. He walked away and she slyly told me he was a writer for D&D 4th edition I think 3rd Edition and Everway.

Sligo showed up at the booth and I talked to him briefly. Since I have only met him once and he has only met me once, it was a brief conversation which mostly revolved around, 'we have met before, right?' Tom K showed up as well and I walked with him while he went looking for some dude that may be involved with what we are planning for BASH Con 2013. The dude was not at his booth, so Tom made dinner arrangements with the dude's wife (I think) and we walked back to the Peryton Booth.

I needed to pick up some stuff for the kids. Irelynn is still painting minis, so the Iron Wind Miniatures 'buckets of pewter' were perfect to get her some low cost miniatures. The 2 female miniatures that are bit more sparsely dressed than the others are for me...I am not that bad of a step father. A pervert, yes, but not that bad to give a half naked 28mm miniature to a 7 year old. I also picked her up a dice bag in her favorite color.

I ran into Lori and Peter and mentioned to them that I showed up to the room they told me to the previous night, but I did not see them. They said they were moved at the last minute, which sucked because they did not get the size of crowd they would have normally gathered because of the confusion. They did sell me a survivor t-shirt for $10 since they had plenty left over. I got their card so we can trade information on the different zombie books we have been reading. I will be playing in their game next year for sure.

My last purchase of the day was back with Tom K at the Peryton booth where I needed to pick up another print copy of the Elder Tunnels with my Baru-Kesh adventure in it. Tom refused to take my money, so I bought Robin's Qalidar module. We also talked about how he had heard good things about my Stay Alive! adventures and is interested in my working on a rules supplement that would include some GM adventures and such. Woot! Thanks Tom for always seemingly having some confidence in my abilities. Makes me feel pretty good.

All that was left was to wait for Russ to wrap up his day and get out of town before the hotel charged me another day of parking. While waiting for him, a young girl (maybe 4 years old) was dressed up as Wonder Woman and she sat down on the bench next to me while her parents were messing around with something else. Some dude came up and asked her if he could take her picture.
Dude: Hey Wonder Girl, can I take your picture?
Girl: I am not Wonder Girl, I am Wonder WOMAN!
She then proceeded to go into an awesome and well trained fighting pose for the picture.

I talked to Josh one last time as he was leaving the convention. Finally, Russ came along and we were able to escape without any additional charges from the vampiric city of Indianapolis.  I realized that I was on 65N instead of 69N and made a quick stop to get some gas and short detour later, we were back on course as we left another Gen Con behind. A quick stop a few hours later in Fort Wayne to get a well deserved meal at 'Golden Corral' was the only thing that stopped us from getting back to Toledo,

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  1. The slyly-mentioned dude was Jonathan Tweet. He was one of the main developers of 3E D&D and has done lots of other RPG stuff. I don't know if he was involved with 4th. Maybe. He also was mostly responsible for Everway and is working on a new one called 13th Age.