Friday, August 24, 2012

That gaming con in Indy, Part 2 - Winter is Coming

On the schedule for Thursday was working the Auction from 9-12, my AGOT games from 12-7pm, and then back to the auction to work from 7-whenever. Every year, the auction is kicked off on Thursday with a staff meeting. This year I had an official unofficial kinda sorta promotion within the Auction hierarchy - I was put in charge of an area known as the Pit of Despair. The Pit's main function is to process sold items for those customers that paid for a tab so that they can wait until the end of the day to pay for all items won instead of paying for each item as it is bought. Most items tend to go through the Pit, so it is generally a busy job. I was fortunate to have 4 people helping me cover the section for the entire con and we were able to schedule the time with relative ease. I made the schedule for the first day and then asked each person on a daily basis what time they had the next day.

This pic is actually from Saturday...but don't tell anyone.
At 11:45 I was able to break away knowing I had a long jaunt to get back to the JW for the games I was running. You see - the Auction is in the one corner of the Convention Center, diagonally the furthest point away from where my games were in the JW. I made it right at 12pm and luckily the table was just starting to empty of the players from the previous game. My friends Steve and Stephen were there waiting. They have played in every single AGOT game that I have run at Gen Con and it is always great to see them. Both games went quite well and more information regarding my Game of Thrones games can be found here.

After my games, I went back to the room, dropped off my miniatures and books, and then headed back to the Auction after grabbing some snacks. I think I bid on one item (Bean Trader) which I did not win; otherwise, I just worked in the Pit and that was about it. On the way back to the hotel, I ran into Kopfy (Tom K) of T&T and Peryton Publishing fame as he was walking either to or from his Thursday night CoC game. I sat down in the almost empty room and listened to him get his game started. Caed (the other Robin) was there as well. I hung out for a bit, but my empty stomach was screaming for the tube of Potato Chips that I had waiting in the room.

(Now, I know that the Gamers Live event was Friday night and I know I talked to Nathan before that event actually occurred. My brain cannot decide if this actually happened on Thursday night when I was walking back to the auction or Friday morning on my way to the auction).

On my way to the convention center while walking through the Marriott walkways, I saw Nathan Rice from Dead Gentlemen and Gamers fame. I briefly talked to him about how much the boy and I enjoyed his movies and he was very pleasant, introducing himself and asking what my name was. We talked a little about the Kickstarter and the new movie they were making as well as the Gamers Live event on Friday night. I had another run in with the Gamers on Saturday, which I know for sure was on Saturday...will get to that later.

On Friday morning, I was supposed to meet Ken St. Andre (the creator of Tunnels & Trolls) and help him run his T&T game that morning. He had invited me to help him run the game a few weeks back on Trollhalla, the T&T fan site. Unfortunately, I was the only one on the schedule for the morning in the Pit of Despair, so I wanted to drop by before his game and at least let him know, if he even remembered that he had invited me to help him. I eventually found the room in the old original Marriott where his game was being run, but I was 20 minutes early and no one was around. Oh well - I would eventually talk to Ken and apologize in the dealer room.

I worked at the auction which is kind of a blur, and then I returned to the JW to run my second set of AGOT games. Did I mention more information on those sessions could be found here? The first with Steve and Stephen was challenging mainly because my fears of being unprepared came true. There was also one difficult player in the group that seemed to bring things down a bit. My suspicions on this person were justified when after she and her boyfriend left the table, Steve told me not to get upset about her actions - it was not my fault and she was quite disruptive in the game because of her attitude. I freely admit that I was not at my best in that game, but it was nice to hear that from Steve.

The second session was awesome (as detailed in the above mentioned post on my AGOT site). It was during this game that Tom K had to bring in the Gen Con staff at the neighboring table who had not yet finished their game so he could start his T&T game. This was the first year that I listed all my events as a 'Peryton Gamer'. Tom K and Robin L operate Peryton Publishing and our games were all scheduled in the same  room, which was cool. I still had not seen Robin yet, but Tom and I kept running into eachother.

After the game, we went to dinner at Hooters with Joe, Andy (Flailbear), and Ben and continued to talk about Game of Thrones and gaming in general. After almost 2 days of little or no food, those Burger sliders (which was just a burger cut in quarters and put on 4 different smallers buns) and onion rings hit the spot.

I eventually got back to the auction for my late shift. There was a a guy that was complaining about how he thought he was bidding on Blood Bowl Trolls, but what he actually got was dwarves. I looked at the minis and they were old school 2nd edition dwarves - so I was interested in them. I doubt I would have bid up to $31 if I was present, but I told the guy they were 2nd edition miniatures and they would be easy enough to strip with some Pine Sol and repaint. He initially decided that he would in fact buy them after all, but then changed his mind and offered them back to me. I paid for them and chucked them in my bag. After 2+ days at Gen Con, I finally spent some money.

Back to the hotel about 1AM. Russ was already sleeping. Slacker...

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