Monday, August 27, 2012

Game Room Facelift

My old cover on the 4x8 game table plywood has seen better days. A friend at work actually gave me new covering fabric a few years ago, I just never got around to dealing with it. The old cover was ripping and pealing, and a certain now 7 year-old had taken many liberties writing on the cover. She liked to use the table to organize her Squinkie Toys...some of the spellings of these things are quite humorous.

I finally made up my mind yesterday to make the change. I am trying Velcro instead of glue to see how that will work.

The table was ready within an hour for the Traveler T20 game we played with my friend Garry and the boy.


  1. I'd like to express an opinion about the chair placement and the sociology-psychological ramifications.

  2. I like how the GM has access to the whole table without reaching over people.

  3. Remember that behind the comfortable GM chair is 8 cabinets of miniatures, terrain, and space for books and other reference materials. As Robin said, it gives me room to run my game with 6 players around the table - everyone has room and I run with the miniatures in the middle of the table where I have easy reach to all points.

    Thanks Robin - we may need to plan a 'JerryCon' sometime.

  4. You both are right. I always forget the miniatures and whatnot.