Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Day, Part 1

Ash was happy to be at Chuck's...

Armed with my list of things to do furnished by Mary and Tracey...
  1. I went to Giant Eagle while Chuck was making breakfast to get the fruit trays, veggie trays, and some more pop, juice for mixed drinks, and tonic water.
  2. I went back to Chuck's, ate breakfast, then drove to the hall
  3. There was a huge accident on the Rte 2 overpass at Oak Point Rd, so I called Mary and Dad to let them know. Ryan and Dad were about to leave to go to the hall, so they were able to take the detour
  4. Unloaded the car.
  5. The hall was at a nice and comfortable 72 degrees, but we figured that it would not last very long once all the guest arrived...we put a sign on the main door for people to use the side door in hopes it would help keep the room cool.
  6. Willie was late coming in from Toledo. Don was planning on having Willie help him load and fire his Glock at the Club's firing range. 
  7. The Cupcakes were supposed to arrive at 12pm...I called at 12:45 and they said that they were told it was OK to deliver ANYTIME after 12pm. I decided to go Mom and Dad's to take my shower and change while Ryan stuck around to wait for the cupcakes.
  8. Upon returning, the cupcakes were delivered, but without the stand...I called and they said they were on their way back with the stand. 
  9. Don, Willie, and Dad were at the shooting range firing the Glock. I took my turn...I need to buy one of those.
  10. The bakery staff returned and put together the cupcake display. 
  11. The keg was tested  by a few of us including the issues were found.
  12. The photographer showed up at the hall and was able to take some pics. Dolan and his dad helped me put all the centerpieces on the tables.
  13. Tracey, the kids, and her mom and brother showed up...we grabbed the flowers and headed to the park....
Does that look like 140 cupcakes???


  1. Thanks Laura...I need to follow up with the rest of the pictures :)