Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding: D-Day Minus 1

The day before the wedding, we packed up both cars and headed out to Amherst-Vermilion-Lorain. I needed to pick up the flowers and Mary and Ryan picked up some fruit to use for the centerpieces.

 I guess I should mention that Charlie and I drove out to downtown Lorain to pick up the flowers from Zelek's, only to find out that all she had given me was the corsages and the bouquets...the flowers for the centerpieces were still back at the shop. After a frantic call from Tracey to confirm that the flowers were indeed still at the shop, I drove all the way back to get the flowers - the shop threw in a bottle of wine for our troubles.

We also arranged the tables at the Amherst Sportsmen Club to maximize the number of people we could get in. Anticipating a very hot day, we knew the porch and the picnic tables were more than likely going to be too hot to use, but we were optimistic. We set up enough chairs and tables to accommodate 130...that still left about 20-30 that needed a place to sit.

The picnic tables would have given us another 30 seats...alas, it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year.

Link to the listing of our Marriage License

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