Saturday, June 30, 2012

...1 More Week to Go

They're building a gallows outside my door, I got 1 more week to go...


We got some DOLLAPALOOZA going on at the house right now...Irelynn and her friend have decided that the best way to play with most of her toys is to spread them out all over the family room.


Of course, my secret mission is to slip as many Nick Cave songs into the night's festivities as I can...

...and some Tom Waits...


155 is the number of the day...the number of people that will be officially attending the 7-7-2012 nuptials...did not realize I was such a popular guy.


Of course, the last song of the night will be...

...who invited that liberal jerkwad Springsteen on stage?


Look Dad - I cleaned the garage!

Garden is doing pretty good to.

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