Sunday, April 1, 2012

I have seen the Light!

I have finally realized after 40 years, all the problems in my life are strictly due to playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Tunnels & Trolls. These games only plant the seeds of future Devil Worship, Dark Magic, and a gross development of interpersonal relationships and imagination. The latter two just don't fit into modern society. It does not pay to think differently from what the mainstream media and the government thinks we should all do, say, and believe.

Ever since reading the following wonderful and time tested documentation of the evil I have so accepted in the past, I can truly move forward in my life as brainless zombie. No more free thought or imagination will ever again come from this guy. Please - read this immediately so that you can SEE THE LIGHT as well.

And poor poor Keith Olbermann got fired this weekend - I was so looking forward to following him and his very positive views of this country and where we are all headed. He is a paragon of virtue and everything right with this country.

To heck with the Constitution. Those darn framers had no idea what they were writing about. How could men 235 years ago know so much about modern governments and political thought. Freedom is so overrated.

Oh - and I Love Willies...


  1. How did Keith Olbermann get into a rant against a right-wing Christian comic strip?

  2. Replies
    1. Nice thing about my political axis is that I don't have to experience cognitive dissidence when I disagree with a religious whack. My elected leaders, candidates and pundits don't make a point of peddling themselves as God's favorite-- at least explicitly, just in their Holier-than-Thou attitudes.