Sunday, February 19, 2012

BASH Con 2012 - What I bought

(For a great write up of BASH CON 2012, check out Robin's blog, complete with pictures of all the action)

BASH Con this year was great once again. I will expand on the weekend in general later, but wanted to quickly post the items I bought, before I forget the details...

On Friday, I visited my good friends with 'Hell on Wheels Game Store'. Jane was without Larry once again, but with her sister. I always forget her name, but then again, I forget extended family member names I see them but once or twice a year as well.

So - at any rate - while talking to Jane about current events and everything since we last talked, I found something that I have been looking to find for some time - TSR AD&D Character Sheets. These are the ones with the spell lists in the back of the book which I only previously had copies of. Jane refused to take my $6 for this one. The best thing about Jane and Larry is they let me store my bags under their tables - so I always make sure they leave with some of my money. Jane showed me an item she had that she thought would be great for the kids, so I asked her to hold one for me.

On Saturday, after running my Tunnels & Trolls horror game (Stay Alive!) and lunch, I headed over to the Games Bazaar (auction) that tends to be quite good for a smaller convention. The problem this year was just too much stuff, and way too much non-gaming stuff. The auction typically takes between 2 and 3 hours. I left   a little after 5pm (3 hours in) and unfortunately, there was so many good things left to be sold - I was just being bored to tears with all the TOVA (Toys-Oddities-Videos-Artwork) stuff. Alex does a wonderful job as the auctioneer, but it is always humorous to me that myself, Matt, and usually a few other GEN CON/ORIGINS Auction volunteers are in audience and they have never once asked us to help out.

But - I did get a few good buys...some more miniatures I don't really need, but I do like halflings.

I also got a game that I have never played, but have always been interested in because of my fondness for the Fighting Fantasy books: the board game version of 'Warlock of Firetop Mountain'.

And then I got a dice tray for Irelynn - little did I know Tom was bidding against me behind me. I cannot remember if it went for $7 or $8 - maybe Tom can refresh my memory.

I then decided to take off - I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and Tracey let me know that the dogs had an accident on the bed. I stopped by Jane's booth and picked up that gift for Irelynn, a neat little thing called a ToroFlux.

After I ran my AD&D game on Sunday, I finally had a chance to walk the entire dealer hall and see if there was anything else that I wanted. A local game store had a booth and to my surprise, they were selling all their Reaper Miniatures for 90% off. I currently have so many miniatures to paint, I have no reason to be buying any more. However - even Tracey had to agree that this was just too good to pass up. I picked up some larger monster figures I had always wanted - but more importantly, I bought things that either I would hope to paint, or for the kids to paint. I did not buy things just for the sake of it. $123 worth of miniatures (MSRP) for only $10. They even rounded down on the final cost!

I will be sure to visit that store a bit more often.

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