Saturday, December 17, 2011

North Coast Gamers - Holiday Bash 2011

Well - the week got away from me and I meant to post this sooner...but last weekend, I attended the Holiday Game Bash hosted by the North Coast Gamers (December 10).

I left Toledo eventually, and arrived in Richfield, OH right around noon.

Walking into a room full of strangers is never the most comfortable thing for me to do, but I was fortunate to be pulled into a game with 3 great people.

The first game we played was 'Belfort'. Normally, I do not really like worker placement games (Puerto Rico, Agricola), but I do enjoy area control games. This game is really a well balanced game the involves both and works quite well. You have a pool of dwarves and elves that you use to get resources - the resources are used to buy buildings, and you place your buildings in the 5 districts to get majority control and victory points. There are also gnomes that you can purchase to unlock additional functions for most of the buildings. This is definitely on my list of games to buy.

We took a lunch break and then played the game 'Revolution'. I remember playing this some time ago for some reason. It is a neat game where you are using tokens representing Blackmail, Force, or Bribes to influence people into supporting you revolutionary group. There is an area control aspect as well. Click on the link above to to read a better explanation than I could ever come up with. Somehow, I did manage to win this game.
 Tom and Robin showed up - Robin was running her 'Other Tower' game using her Peryton RPG D20 rules. Tom was able to play for a few hours before having to leave for work. I really like some of the new features Robin has put into Peryton RPG that separate it a bit from other D20's; and the twist on the end of the first adventure is making me definitely look forward to 'InConTroll' coming up in January.

The North Coast Gamers really had this planned well. There were over 60 games on the raffle table - unfortunately, I did not win a thing. There was also a huge table of games there were given away to one lucky winner - alas, that was also not me.

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