Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmassy Stuff

Another Christmas has come and gone...a little less stressful this year since Tracey and I decided to not worry about buying anything for each other. I bought two games which I wrapped and put under the tree for myself - 'Revolution' and 'Blood Bowl Team Manager' - the latter I could not resist the 60% off price as I was shopping on Amazon, although it looks like it is more complicated than the darn miniatures game.

The kids got a 'Kinect' from Santa, and it did not take long before something was broken in the basement - one of Liam's Beatles glasses I told him to put in the sink. Irelynn was a bit too excited in one of the games and kept moving too far forward for the Kinect sensor - she eventually bumped the table with the glass and glass tends to not do too well against a concrete basement floor.

The parents each received Kindles from my brothers, so I ordered cases for them and set them up with access to my Kindle/Amazon account, which gives them access to all the books that Tracey and I have bought in the last year. There are plenty of public domain books available for both right now - Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes for my Mom; Zane Grey books for Dad. They also each have Scrabble as well - that is one nice thing about the Kindle - being able to link multiple units to one account.

In the days leading up to Christmas, I watched my favorites for the season - The Office (British) Christmas Special and Christmas Story on TBS (don't need the dvd much anymore). Continuing in my zombie research, I also watched the original 'Dawn of the Dead' which is still a classic - I love the biker gang dude that keeps going back to the 'Blood Pressure' machine...I guess he just had to know? It always amazes me in these movies how long power is still operational in the Zombie Apocalypse.

I usually watch the Father Ted Christmas special (Christmassy Ted) as well, but my disc is cracked - I guess I just need to by the updated boxed set when the price drops again on Amazon - it is quite amazing how much they play around with their pricing.

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