Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Rant, 11/6/2011

It has been a busy week for trying to let people know about the 7% of the working population that are affected by Issue 2 here in Ohio. Since opponents cannot stand up to the facts, they are relying on jargon and bullshit to get past those facts. It is amazing to me when I hear a democrat claim that this is something that would only add more government and while he likes a lot of the bill, putting more things in the hands of politicians is not what he is for. I guess Obamacare, the bailouts, and all the other things the Democrats are known for is not considered 'more government' because...shite, I don't think like a Democrat, so I cannot even come up with a good excuse.

Bottom line - collective bargaining is not taken away, working conditions and staffing levels are not off the table - if anything, layoffs will occur when this does go down, because cities with millions of dollars in debt will need to cut...and the cuts will come from the least paid, last ones in. Then who will these zombies blame for not having a job...ah, George Bush - it still works for President Zero and the liberal media.

Anyone who thinks that legislation that will save them money, help reward workers that are performing at a high level (merit pay - like the rest of us), eliminate automatic 'step' increases, remove tenure based systems for laying off workers, and prevent direct payment to the unions for union dues is a bad thing...well, you deserve what we will be getting. The sad thing is - the rest of us do not.

And if I hear one more thing about firemen, policemen, teachers, or any other public service person not showing up to save my life or teach my children...last I checked they were not forced into these positions. Get another job if you think things are so bad. When you are paid off tax dollars, you are subject to the realities of the system - which is less and less people actually working and contributing to income and property taxes while more and more people are using those services.

And teachers...what a bunch there...preaching to their classes about following rules, yet they get away with wearing political buttons at the school (against the law) and brainwashing their students into thinking their parents should be voting against this Issue. The Low Paid Teacher Myth is just that - a myth. I would gladly take my salary and only work 9 months out of the year...would not hear me complaining.


And I hate animals too because I am voting against the Zoo levy...


What else happened this week, hmmm? I had a scheduled day off and then had to go into work anyway because I had so much to do...I guess other professions do have to work overtime and from home without extra thought teachers were the only ones that did that.



  1. From the results of the election, it looks like I'm stuck in the middle with you again, though I don't consider myself a "Democrat." You Republican.

  2. Meh - I am only a 'Republican' because I am not a 'Democrat'...looking forward to the layoffs though - there is still no money, so we shall see how future negotiations shall go...The same people who voted down issue 2 also voted against almost every single levy...