Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Rant, 11/18/2011

****** you have any idea how low our expectations are? are a factory of sadness!


Sad news from the NBA...a bunch of thugs are not going to be getting their paychecks because they figure being millionaires while playing a game is just not good enough. I will be the first to confess that I hate I would personally enjoy a world where I could avoid even seeing a pro basketball game by accident while flipping through the channels.

I just feel bad for the out of work cheerleaders...


What is the purpose of this 'news' story? It should be OK to break the law if you are elderly or pregnant?


Tom Waits has new album. It was funny hearing one of his songs pop up on 'Dancing with the Stars'...I was not watching, of course. I was helping the boy with his homework when I heard the TV. The song was 'A Little Drop of Poison', which also happened to be in one of the Shrek movies.


Bowling, 'Jerry's Kids' won the First Third with a dominating record of '30-14'...average after the first 11 weeks is a stable 182...but was killed by the oily lanes this week, and now down to a 181.


What kind of Wood does not float?


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