Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stroh Con 2011

Where: At the beautiful Stroh residence on Choctaw Lake in London, Ohio
When: November 12, 2011

I immediately realized I messed up at home by leaving the Halloween Candy bowl on the stove within reach of the dogs. They have been increasingly annoying in their old age lately - getting into any food they can reach in the kitchen. This is oddly a very new behavior in my increasingly senile dogs.

Got to Ed's a bit past 9am. We stopped at McDonalds to get some greasy sammiches for the road, but some stupid woman in the double drive-thru line almost crashed into us in her hurry to get in front of us in the line after placing her order. The staff confused the order; we got her 2 inedible Egg McMuffins while she got our food. We drove back and got our orders correct, but I hope this ruined the McMuffin lady's day.

Ed had directions, but we were not paying attention and soon passed up the exit we were supposed to get off at. We ended up taking a bit longer to get there, and stopped off in Urbana, Ohio to get lunch (thinking that John would only have finger food at his house). We stopped at KFC, and I unfortunately ordered the Popcorn Chicken that was not very good and way too expensive for what it was...lesson learned.

We got lost again trying to find John's house - luckily Ed called and got directions , otherwise we might still be driving around central Ohio. Ed said he had been here before - I don't know if I should believe that.

Finally arriving, there were a few groups already playing some games, so Ed and I played a quick game of 'Carcassonne' (Ed won).
We then played 'Airlines Europe' (Ed, John, John's brother, and some other dude). John started the run on Abacus Spiele stock first and was able to get the majority payout in the 2nd and 3rd dividends...he finished with 89 points, I had 75...I believe I was second, followed by Ed and the others.
Next we played 3 great games of 'Are you a Werewolf'...10 players in the first two games, and then 13 in the last game as more Stroh family members arrived from Chicago. I was lucky and was on the winning side for all 3 games. The first, I was the Seer; we luckily rooted out the first werewolf by blind luck...I was able to eliminate a few suspects with my Seer ability and eventually we took out the other werewolf. Myself and Ed were the werewolves in the 2nd game - I was almost sussed out by John's brother Chuck, and it came down to me helping convince the other dude that I was NOT in fact the werewolf...which of course I was.
The third game, Ed and I were both again the werewolves and a Stroh family member was the third. I was almost lynched right away, but somehow convinced the group I was not a werewolf. I was never suspected again, and Ed escaped an accusation himself. We did lose the 3rd werewolf, but Ed and I prevailed - more than likely due to the fact that no one thought we would be the werewolves again I imagine...I am actually a horrible liar...or am I?

We finished with 3 hands of 'Saboteur' (won as miner, won as saboteur, lost as miner) and then it was back on the road to Toledo...we did not get lost this time.

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