Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For the Record...

Toledo has been hit by alot of rain lately - so much so that there is a whole lot of flooding in the area and especially in my flood/back-up prone neighborhood.

Now - we do have the 'Storm Sewer Back-up Preventer' doo-hickie that stops water from the sewers backing up into the basement. The problem is, it truly only goes one way.

By experience, we get one flush - that lets us know something is wrong as the drain in the basement begins to back-up. That lets me know that the water in the street/sewer is full. When the drain is blocked, this also means that if the sump-pump fails, the water has nowhere to go but in the basement. So if say the power goes out and the sewers are flooded, water all over the place. Well - I noticed this a 6AM.

Where am I going with this?

The storm sewers have finally went down - try going 16 hours in your home without flushing or using anymore than a few drops of water here or there...it sucks!

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