Monday, November 14, 2011

BASH Con XXVII, February 17-19, 2012

The one convention that I have attended for the longest amount of time is coming up in February - Bash Con 27. It is so nice having a solid convention in your backyard. I also do not get a chance to get to the University of Toledo all the much anymore except for the occasional sporting event, so it is also a nostalgic weekend where I can revisit some of the sites from my undergrad days.

BASH Con has some definite advantages compared to some other conventions, the first being its location on the grounds of UT. Parking is FREE, and the convention is relatively cheap ($15 for a weekend pass) since the BASH is a student organization and can use the facilities in the Student Union for next to nothing. I believe their biggest expense is paying for the security/off duty UT Police. And the guy that usually does it is a gamer, so he is always present for the Games Bazaar (auction).

The one thing to be wary of is the organization of the convention, which can be spotty at times with the students that are in charge. Registration has seemed to have gotten worse year after year - the concept of 'Pre-Registration' seems to be a difficult one to understand. They do not take the opportunity to print anything out in advance, so the Pre-Reg line takes longer than the regular line because they actually have to find the information in the computer before they copy it by hand onto the badges and the tickets. So if you do plan on attending, give yourself plenty of time on your arrival date - because the line will be long. Maybe, just maybe, they will figure it out this year, but I won't be holding my breath.

Despite that, the one thing the Con does have is a die hard group of people that show up and run games year after year. There is a large Mayfair Games presence along with a usually large number of board game events, along with plenty of everything else including some video games and LARP zombie game with NERF guns that seemed to be popular last year.

Event Registration should be up soon...

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