Monday, October 24, 2011

Vacation - Hershey and Gettysburg, PA

I took the day off on Friday after a very long run at work without a day off, working weekends and long hours. Bought some items for the trip, got the oil changed in the car, double checked all the directions and printed confirmations for the hotels.

As we started to leave, had a bit of an accident involving Irelynn and Liam's bedroom door - which required a slight detour for Tracey to take her to the doctor to make sure her fingers were not seriously damaged. She was in a such a great mood and just wanted to get one of her dolls from room. She was running her fingers along the wall when they got caught in Liam's door as he was closing it - bad timing, but in the end - we were eventually on our way with her fingers in a splint.

We stopped somewhere in between Cleveland and the PA border, eating at a restaurant named Rockne's - not a bad place - had never eaten at one before. I cannot say no to Fried Macaroni and Cheese.

Back in the car, the kids had just finished watching the 'Zookeeper' and was now watching some Tom and Jerry and Spongebob videos on the dvd player in the backseat. They eventually fell asleep, but not before Liam took off his shoes to reveal the most hideous odor emanating from his feet...yikes! The kids finally asleep, we were able to listen to some Petros and Money on Fox Sports radio, and then some various tunes that we kept only hearing the ends of via XM Radio. This got us through all the tunnels in the mountains and eventually on to Harrisburg, PA - the city that has most recently earned the distinction of declaring bankruptcy. Gotta love it when the home of the state capital cannot manage its money. They even cancelled Christmas!

We drove into Hershey on Saturday and after Breakfast at Bob Evans, we visited Hershey's Chocolate World, where we went on the chocolate tour ride, watched the 3-D movie, and made our own candy bars.

We then when to the adjoining amusement park where I wished we remembered that we had a camera. Irelynn rode a few roller coasters with her hands up on both them, the little daredevil. The park was not quite as big as Cedar Point, but had plenty of rides including about 10 roller coasters.

On our way out, we stopped back in the Chocolate World and picked up some huge arse cupcakes...

Our hotel room at the Courtyard Marriott has some issues with the toilet. For our issues, we had a free breakfast in the morning and I insisted to the front desk the darn thing was not clogged - it was broken. Having a crappy toilet at the house - I know the difference. Also received some extra Marriott points for alerting them to this - so if you are in room 314, you can thank me for the brand new toilet.

On day three, we drove to Gettysburg which was only about 40 minutes away. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of juice because a certain guy by the name of Jerry forget to charge it. They now have a new visitor center (new since the last time we visited back in 2007) which is very nice and state of the art with a new movie theater and updated Cyclorama for viewing the refurbished Gettysburg painting.

Since I have no pictures...this will have to do

We drove the entire tour of the battlefield, stopped off at various spots to look at statues and monuments, and even made it to Culp's Hill and climbed the observatory tower located there - a picture from that would be pretty cool, eh?

We drove into town, ate at the restaurant we ate at 4 years ago - which was alot better 4 years ago...then walked around town a bit, went back to the hotel so the kids could swim in the pool.

The drive back was on Rte 30 and was over the mountains instead of the tunnels through the mountains via Rte 76.

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