Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Am I a Hoarder?

So this weekend I decided I needed to reorganize my Board Game collection since it was expanding its borders like Israeli neighborhoods into the disputed territories. The plastic shelving was just not designed to carry the massive weight of 10 years of uncontrolled board game hoarding.

I bought some new wire shelving to better contain some of my smaller box games and reorganized the mess. I even started a sell pile that I will unload at an auction in the near future, or offer to some co-workers and friends first.

But then I realized...well, not so much realized but was faced with the grim reailty that I was repressing...I have a problem.

Well - I know I have problems...but regarding my comic book collection...

...my miniatures...

...my role playing games...

...and my board games; the only thing separating me from 'hoarder' status is that my stuff is confined to the basement and is well organized.

Also, I think that by definition, a hoarder refuses to get rid of anything. I am OK there. I have been selling and giving away my stuff for many years. I just need to be a bit more proactive, like selling comics on ebay without worry of how much they sell for.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a huge runs of Batman, Detective, Flash, and many other super-hero comics, let me know. The price will be right.

For my miniatures - I think I will always have the delusion that I can paint all the cool stuff I have bought.

And my DVD collection has not really grown all that much recently since I put in place my 'must watch it at least once a year' rule...my recent purchases are more in support of my fascination with BBC sitcoms and MST3K.

Just don't ask me to get rid of my Bruce Campbell movies.

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