Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Issues 2011 - Part 3, The Repairs

So - many weeks later, living out of Tracey's mom's house, driving to the house every morning to shower and get dressed for work, and stopping by after work every day to get mail and such, I finally pulled the trigger and started getting the work done.

Waiting for insurance to deny my claim and some trips that I had planned delayed the work.

The same company that did the clean-up gave me a quote for the structural repair, drywall, and replacement of the insulation. I contacted them on July 11, but they were not able to come out and get me the estimate until July 18, and then not start work until July 25.

They repaired the trusses, and put up new drywall.

They then textured the ceiling and the walls.

I hired a guy to refinish the hardwood floors. (He was great!)

I also re-contacted the company that did my repairs in 2006. They committed to coming out the week of August 8 to seal some spots in the foundation and replace some topsoil that had settled on the corner of the house. This to address the driveway side of my basement wall that is getting some moisture on the supposedly waterproofed basement.

Finally, I hired a friend of a friend to paint the ceiling and walls in the hallway, living room, and kitchen. He gave me a quote on August 9 and stared work the same day.

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