Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House Issues 2011 - Part 2, The Insurance Fiasco

So - a company came out and did the initial clean-up with the anticipation that my losses would be covered by insurance.

The couch, loveseat, and lamps were thrown out. The company cleaned up and boxed the rest of the contents and put some plastic to cover the huge hole in the ceiling.

Good thing too, because with no insulation and the 100 degree days of July, the thermostat only reached about 98 degrees in the upstairs...

Check your policy and ask your agent to raise your deductible to at least $1000, because unless there is a smoking gun, nothing is covered by your homeowners policy. I was praying for a tree to fall on my house during the storms that followed in June and least that would be covered...but I am sure my insurance company would only repair the house to the point of not replacing the ceiling and the insulation.

When I drove by a house with a tree on it - I thought "Lucky Bastards - they are covered!".

So anyway, nothing is covered by my homeowner's insurance, Flood insurance refused to re-open my 2006 claim since my adjuster never checked for structural damage in the ceiling, and the company that did the work in 2006 showed up, spent 5 minutes at the house, and said - "Nope, not our problem."

So - I either hire a structural engineer (which is a racket in and of itself) and a lawyer to go after the company to see if they damaged the structure when they propped up the house for the repairs, or I just pay for the repairs myself. Since the legal route was not guaranteed to bear any fruit, I decided to just move forward with the repairs - eventually.

NEXT: Part 3

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