Tuesday, August 9, 2011

House Issues 2011 - Part 1, Happy Birthday

So...this house has been the bane to my existence...after the flood of 2005, I figured everything would be cool...until May 30, 2011 - my birthday. I was in the basement enjoying a video game I received from brother John for my birthday (LA Noire) and then I heard a rather large boom-boom...

My first reaction was to yell at the dogs for knocking something over...but the volume of the crashes from upstairs was just too much, as was the drifting smell of dust that had already began to creep down the stairs.

I was befuddled at the state of my living room. Mojo was next to me at the stairway but Ash was nowhere to be found and not answering my call - I found him quivering on Liam's bed.

I noticed Mojo had a gash on her chest so I took the dogs to the emergency vet. Luckily, only a minor injury that could have been alot worse since both dogs were more than likely sleeping in the living room at the time of the collapse.

NEXT: Part 2

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