Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tunnels & Trolls - Thyris

So for my initial T&T development, I am bringing back something I developed ages ago regarding a settlement carved out of the wilderness I called Thyris. Some general features of Thyris are:

The Mine
An old abandoned Dwarven iron mine was found deep in the Great Forest. Why was it abandoned?

The Prison
With a newly found mine in need of workers, what better workforce than one that is relatively free?

The Garrison
A small garrison of the lord's men to protect the newly profitable mine and guard the prisoners. A Holdfast was built to house the leader of the settlement.

The Great Forest
Dense and full of all manner of non-human races. Traveling into, yet alone living in, the Great Forest is not a safe or easy task.

The Settlement
The active mine and holdfast fostered blacksmiths and other traders to visit and settle the area around Thyris. A wall is being built to better protect the growing city.

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  1. Jerry, I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award.