Friday, April 22, 2011

My current projects - T&T and AGOT

A few things I have on my list of things to do for the upcoming conventions and such:

Troll Hoot (June 2011)
Working on my T&T GM adventure as well as my T&T Solo adventure that I am attempting to tie into the main adventure. As I mentioned, I will be basing my initial adventures in my Thyris settlement. I have not made as much progress as would have liked, but I now at least have a start.

I also have some miniatures to paint...I will be posting the pics of my progress here .

Gen Con (August 2011)
I am running my ongoing 'Game of Thrones' campaign again this year. I have most of my background work done, which is primarily slotting the adventure in the back drop of the main storyline from the second book in the series (A Clash of Kings).

Once again, I have some miniatures to paint. I will be posting the pics of the miniatures I have completed here.

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